Target Fitness believes clients should be given every opportunity to achieve and exceed personal goals in a variety of ways and actively get involved not only in training but by taking part in these events with you. No matter what your goal – to run a 5K fun run or a 150 miles across a Desert you can be assured a Target Fitness Trainer will be there with you all the way!

Here are a few comments from people…

Lisa – A PT that has helped me achieved the impossible, getting into a size 10 skinny jeans and running a sub 3 hour 44 min marathon time! Gary provides inspiring and friendly guidance. He certainly knows how to get the best out of each client with an individual bespoke training programme.

Julie  – This isn’t a one program fits all gym. The PTs offer guidance and support catered to your specific requirements whether that’s weight loss, toning, a marathon or overcoming injury. The members are friendly and bring a great atmosphere to the gym while working toward their own goals.


Suzanne Dando, The Pyrenees Expedition. Former Olympic Gymnast & Broadcaster.

“Gary Johnson and I first worked together when we ran the London Marathon in 2008. Gary trained and l ran alongside Alfie Russell, a young 18 year old who had acquired brain injuries from an accident some years before. As a former Army PTI, he brings many skills to a team or individual.

If it hadn’t been for Gary’s knowledge and motivational skills I feel we all would have struggled to reach the finishing line, but we did, in 4 hrs 38.

It was on the strength of these qualities that I asked Gary to join me for the Remembrance Expedition. He devised an excellent 6 month training programme for the team and provided good climbing advise, moral and humour!

Gary is a highly qualified personal trainer and has proven to be invaluable to any team. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone and for any event”.

The Remembrance Expedition team successfully trekked across the Pyrenees, following the hardest wartime escape route from France to Spain. It was a very close knit team with great camaraderie and moral. The team would not have been complete without Gary’s involvement, Thank you G!

Also; If your rucksack ever gets too heavy, give it to Gary; He wasn’t nicknamed Gary ‘the mountain goat’ for nothing!

Kate Nesbitt, The Pyrenees Expedition.

“As I joined the expedition at a late stage I missed out on Gary’s training programme for the trek. It was clear from the very start Gary was very experienced in similar expeditions and this proved invaluable during the trek. He was constantly reassuring and pleasant to be around, and had a fantastic sense of humour.

I often struggle with heights and Gary’s encouragement and support helped me to overcome this fear during the third day.

This was my first expedition and I have never done anything like this before, Gary was always pleasant and very approachable which was very reassuring throughout the trek. Gary remained at the back of the group which helped keep us all motivated.”

Michaela Barwick, The Pyrenees Expedition

“Because I joined the Remembrance Expedition late I did not benefit from the expert advice that Target Fitness and Gary in particular could offer prior to the start. Although my primary employment involves Physical Education and Outdoor Pursuits I would have still benefited from the knowledge and experience that you showed regards endurance and physical stamina.”

“I did not find the trip too difficult physically because the team had fantastic levels of comradeship and appreciation of individual fitness levels and experience. This was enhanced by the support provided by Gary of Target Fitness, he had an approachable calm manner, a very high level of personal performance.

He is a kind man and was always willing to provide advice and help that got individuals through the challenge.”

Deb Barber, The Pyrenees Expedition

“I first met Gary in September 2010 when I had the enormous privilege to join Suzanne Dando and a very special team of women to walk La Chemin de La Liberte – the hardest war time escape route – across the high Pyrenees in 3 and a half days while carrying all our equipment on our backs (about 14kgs in our rucksacks so quite serious for us women!)

As well as putting together a fantastic team, Suzanne also roped in Gary to put together a training programme for us and then to trek with us as our motivator and trainer. He was just brilliant – the training programme worked really well and he was such an important part of the team on the mountain.

He coped amazingly well with the fierce banter that us 8 women threw at him constantly

He not only coped amazingly well with the fierce banter that us 8 women threw at him constantly , but he also kept us moving at a good pace up the mountains, and most importantly used his fantastic therapeutic skills to deal with all the aches, pains and blisters at the end of each day. Having suffered with chronic lower back and hip problems for many years, I was somewhat concerned about the impact of the heavy rucksack and how it might affect me over the course of the trek. However, I needn’t have worried – Gary treated my back at the end of the first and every following day using the most amazing chinese massage technique, that was in my opinion quite miraculous. I walked the whole 80km without a single twinge – amazing! And I have to say that despite the hammering that it got from the very rough terrain and the weight of the pack, now a week after the end of the trek, my back is still looser and more pain free than I can remember for many, many years!

Thank you Gary!!”………..

Graham, Target Member

“I couldn’t run to the post box, now thanks to my training l have run 150miles across the Gobi desert in 5 days!”……

Lynda, Target Member

“I have always kept myself fit but with the help of Target Fitness l now have the body most people half my age would die for!” ….

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