Training Camps

Can You Rise to the Challenge?
training camp mountain top

It's not all about the gym

Training Camps are designed to improve both your fitness and your mind and are not for the faint hearted! They have been known to include canyoning, abseiling, free fall parachuting…

These are organised during the year for both men and women to improve the participants’ fitness to a more advanced level by offering a mix of challenging disciplines, conditions and circumstances. Despite the demands on the body and the mind the popularity of these camps has continued to grow, seeing many return to them again and again.

Leaving nothing to chance, a few weeks prior to departure, fitness levels of each participant are carefully monitored, and intense training is undertaken to ensure that each participant has the required level of fitness to achieve maximum benefit from the camp.

Goals and outcomes
  • Test fitness levels to the extreme
  • Develop survival skills
  • Encourage team work
  • Develop motivation techniques
  • Develop mind, body and spirit
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