Sports Therapy

Training in Thailand for our thai massage

Soft tissue injuries are generally caused by exercise but can also be associated with other every day activities. Often you do not realise you have an injury until after the event and an injury can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness.

Once an injury has occurred it is important to get specialist advice and treatment, which we offer you at Target Fitness, to help you overcome the problem. Very often it is possible to continue regular exercise and maintain a fitness programme which will also assist your recovery.

However this can only be achieved by working with a professional therapist who has the knowledge and level of expertise required to advise you on handling your type of injury. Our Therapist holds a Tui-Na Master Practitioner Diploma, a Thai Massage Diploma, a Diploma in Sports Therapy and a Body Certificate Massage.

We offer the following therapies
  • Remedial massage
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle management
  • Tui-na (Chinese therapy)
  • Thai Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
Have you experienced serious injury or are you disabled requiring rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation following an accident or a sporting injury is a speciality of Target Fitness. To undertake this type of training requires skill, empathy, an extensive knowledge of the body and an in-depth understanding of how it behaves in times of trauma and recovery. We carefully plan and introduce a training programme to work in conjunction with your recovery in a safe and controlled environment. Quite often producing amazing results which help the client regain focus, motivation and confidence.

We have developed an excellent track record with our rehabilitation work, with clients who are testament to the success of our training programmes.

Nutritional advice

Nutrition is not about being over weight, it is just as much about being under-weight but more importantly striking the correct balance. The important factor is finding the right foods for you and your body so it functions as efficiently as possible and keeps you healthy. As they say you are what you eat!

So often what you believe to be healthy one minute turns out to be bad for you the next!

It is hardly surprising you end up confused and frequently find you are not eating the right foods after all. It is all about understanding your particular needs and striking a healthy balance that will give you energy, vitality and not leave you feeling hungry!

So many different terms all sounding familiar but what do they really mean: protein, carbohydrates, glycaemic index, fibre, saturated and unsaturated fats, enzymes, cholesterol, vitamins, supplements, low fat diets, wholefood diet, etc.

At Target Fitness we will make this easier for you and show you how to achieve the maximum benefit from developing the right eating habits in conjunction with a focused exercise programme.

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