Motivate or Vegitate

Top 10 ways to keep you fit and healthily this Summer.

It’s a fine line between being motivated or turning into that couch potato. It is very easy to become slack and miss just one evening’s training session that could start the slip back towards the sofa. So take a read of the Target Fitness Top 10 tips to avoid missing that session and stay motivated to achieve your goals no matter what life throws your way.

  1. Set SMART, specific goals for your fitness training You are more likely to succeed in your goals, if you are specific. For instance, aiming to achieve a specific aim such as a running or sporting event, to gain 2 stone in muscle or to lose two inches from your waist rather than the broader ‘just generally want to get fit’ will also help to focus you. Setting an achievable and realistic goal is also important – the key is to make them difficult enough to be a challenge but not too unrealistic as this will lead to disinterest and boredom very quickly.
  2. Commit to a training plan This keeps you on track with achieving your goal by giving you daily objectives. Something as simple as having a day set aside for rest or to perform a long run can all be part of your structural plan, ensuring success and increases your motivation at the same time. The Target Fitness Personal Trainers are here to help you write your plan and get you on course – just ask!
  3. The daily march 10,000 steps a day to improve health may seem like a lot but you will be surprised as to how quickly they clock up! Get a pedometer and attempt walking whenever you can. It is not only motivating but it is a good daily challenge!
  4. Keep a record  A training diary, schedule or logbook is a fantastic way to keep yourself on target. At the end of each session, write your thoughts on the session, if you achieved a PB write down your times, ask yourself and make a note of what you liked and disliked. Doing this will keep you focused and provide great motivation when you look back at it.
  5. Get inspired Different things motivate different people, whether its photos, role models, sportspeople, friends, peers or an emotional attachment! Find out what inspires you, then place it somewhere you will see it every day and it will remind you and inspire you to continue.
  6. Add a bit of spice to your training Cross-training is brilliant for keeping you focused on the task at hand and adding that much needed variety to your training! A Personal Trainer will always introduce you to something new and will encourage a variable training programme – try swimming, running, boxercise, cycling, walking or rowing! Incorporating, variety will quickly improve fitness and motivation.
  7. Get some NEW training gear Do you ever find yourself spending that extra 5 minutes in front of the mirror to double check how you look? The better we look, the better we feel, what we wear can boost confidence and even make a new you which can equally improve motivation and performance. So go out and buy some new gear for the gym even if it is just a new pair socks, it could make all the difference!
  8. Socialise Train with friends or someone with the similar goals can help get you out there too, but it is also important to allow yourself some relaxation time, whether it’s going out for a swift drink or dinner with friends. Spend some time socializing, it is not all about the training you know…
  9. Overtraining can be detrimental to success Many people who experience injuries whilst training find these are the product of overtraining. Increasing exercise duration or intensity too quickly can rapidly lead to disinterest or injury. A training plan will help you avoid this common pitfall, STICK to your training plan and avoid de-railment.
  10. Picture your success Visualise yourself achieving your goals – how do you feel? By doing this you are more likely stay motivated and have a better chance of achieving your goals! Feel good about yourself and stay focused and conquer your world!
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