Devizes to Westminster – Slow but stable .

WP_20130330_014Having had a serious groin operation in November , i thought a nice bit of paddling with my friend and client Keith , would help my rehabilitation  on my inner core . Yes that probably would have worked if we were able to sit upright in the Kayak we had rushed into purchasing ! My ethos has always been ” practice what you preach ” and  “lead by example “. Unlike a lot of celebrity trainers who can only stand and point or sponsor kit , i feel you can only teach or give advice if  you’ve experienced it and you’ve endured it . After enduring many freezing training sessions  on the river , researching training schedules , taking kit advice from experienced DW competitors and calculating calorie /fluid intake , race day came. 10 weeks of hard training had payed off , with a great race crew who probably work harder than us paddlers , we finished in a respectable 24hours 58 mins .

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