Charity Walk – London2cambridge 100k “Ultra Challenge”

100k in 24 hours! 

We and approximately 1,400 others are walking from The Olympic Park in London on Saturday 2 July at 8.00am and finishing in Cambridge on Sunday 3 July.

We have been training since October and on Thursday 21 April we completed 28.2 miles in 7.5 hours and on Tuesday 14 June we walked from Welwyn Garden City to Tower Bridge covering nearly 34 miles in just over 10 hours. We expect to complete the challenge with food stops in approximately 22 hours with stops arriving in Cambridge at 6.00am on Sunday 3 July.

Phil has run marathons in the past but unfortunately now needs a new knee and Sarah has NEVER done any physical exercise in her life ! So this truly is an ultra challenge.

Phil is a Trustee of our chosen charity THE PLAY BARN PROJECT which is raising money to build a sterile play haven for children with cancers and low immune systems.  Please log on to our charity web page for more details.


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