Cheshunt Squash Club 2019

Cheshunt Squash Club now joining up with Target Fitness With Cheshunt Squash Club now partnered up with Target Fitness we all share our same interests such as the Cheshunt football team being able to use our gym and field for practice. We have a large number of younger generations who also use our field for […]

Devizes to Westminster 2019

Gary and new paddling partner Duncan Livingstone have committed to the 2019 DW race (Above photo is Gary and Keith finishing 2019 DW). Their intense training will commence in January but are still undecided on what Kayak to race in the senior doubles .They will be paddling for “The Play Barn Project” and a just […]

Center Parcs

The UK ‘Center Parcs’   What is it?: Center Parcs UK is a short-break holiday company that operates five holiday villages in England, with each covering about 400 acres of woodland. The company’s first village opened at Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, in 1987 and its fifth, at Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire, opened in 2014. A similar enterprise […]

Target Fitness is looking for more Members

Target Fitness open for more members to join the Gym Target Fitness is open to all people to come down and use the gym. We are very low on people wanting to come and use our gym and we are more than happy to let you join our fitness Gym and group. Annual Membership:     […]

Virgin London marathon 2019

After months of freezing weather it was a welcome site to have a mild/sunny Marathon day. It was probably the biggest and loudest crowd i had seen . I was privileged to pace around a marathon first timer Clayton Manning with a respectable time of 3hrs 46mins. Thank you to all runners past and present, […]