Health Advice

Unlock Your True Potential

Evidence suggests that being positive makes us happier and in turn makes us live longer! Negative outlooks usually lead to negative experiences, but by being in control, having an optimistic approach to life, and taking life’s challenges in your stride, will enable you to reap the benefits and lead to more positive experiences. So how […]

Motivate or Vegitate

Top 10 ways to keep you fit and healthily this Summer. It’s a fine line between being motivated or turning into that couch potato. It is very easy to become slack and miss just one evening’s training session that could start the slip back towards the sofa. So take a read of the Target Fitness […]

10 Common Fitness Blunders

Mistakes to avoid when training We all make mistakes at some point, they are inevitable, however there are  some that are best avoided. Correct?? Below, is a list of our top fitness training mistakes that we encounter, so read these to ensure you stay on track and are training effectively! Whether you are a beginner […]

Diet – the Golden Rules

Tips to make your diet healthier A balanced diet is essential for a healthy body and lifestyle. Ensuring that you consume enough food from each of different food groups will ultimately make you feel and look more energetic throughout everyday life. It’s not rocket science, all that is needed are a few subtle changes in […]

Are you keeping your back healthy?

How to avoid that annoying back pain! We all know that spending too much time sitting down, being overweight and having a poor posture contribute to increasing the likelihood of back pain, but there are some less obvious factors, too… At Target we recommend, trying these simple tricks to help to reduce and relieve any […]

Smiling yet?

How to beat your bad mindset… Beating a bad mood is not an easy feat but really the only person that can get you out of the bad mood is yourself! But there’s lots of things you can do to drag yourself out of your bleak mood and into a more positive frame of mind. […]