Ashley Cain – Kayaking Challenge

Target Trainer Gary, has been presented with the challenge of moulding Ashley Cain (founder of the Azaylia Foundation) who’s never sat in a kayak before and has no previous paddling history into a kayaker who is ready to take on the world toughest survival and endurance race. 

The goal is 3 kayaking events. They have been working hard together and have already completed and ticked off 2 huge achievements…

D Series Race – 34 miles from Devizes to Newbury.

DW Race – 125 miles from Devizes to Westminster in under 24 hours!

The next big race is in July… 

The Yukon 1000. The worlds longest canoe race from Canada to the Artic Circle. Amongst bear territory!

Click here for find out more about the race… 

By @troytheshooter
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